Unlocks one-armed.

Brotato saver danger 5

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Kotli Oct 17, 2022 242am. . Mutant. .

After my first game on.

Danger 1.

Need advice for beating Danger 5 with Streamer.


5 exp and material (not apply to pacifist itself, saver and farmer) Gladiator - 4 attack speed for every unique weapons (not apply to gladiator, knight, medic and one-armed) Saver - Enemy drops 2 more materials (not apply no saver itself, farmer and enterpreneur).

Explorer Kill 50 trees total.

Milkyslice 6 mo. . Artificer. This is a beginner and experienced friendly guide on how to win as Every different character in Brotato This guide will go over strategies and tips on how to win on each character on Dan.

. . The Entrepreneur can be unlocked by saving 3,000 materials.

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Engineer Get 5 turrets on the map simultaneously. Win a run with Saver.

. Artificer.

Hunter Reach 300 Range.

Wildling Win a run with Wildling. FeaturesAuto-firing weapons by default with a manual aiming optionFast runs (under 30 minutes)Dozens of.


Unlocks Padding if you win a game with Saver.

There are 32 Characters available.

. This is Danger 5 and we are playing as the Saver Character. . .

Doctor Heal 200 HP in one wave. . Run circles and. Danger 5 Win a run in Danger 5.


. . Collect 20000 materials Unlocks.